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Alprazolam should be given cautiously to pets with liver or kidney disease, glaucoma, pregnant, are elderly, or in a debilitated condition.

Taking alprazolam with antacids might slow the rate of absorption, and the two medications should be separated by at least two hours if being taken concurrently.

You just have one more thing to decide: should you sedate your pet for the trip or not?

Drugs like cimetidine, erythromycin, itraconazole, ketoconazole, propranolol, or valproic acid might decrease the metabolism of alprazolam, and cause an increase in sedition.

Flumazenil might reverse the effects of alprazolam, making it useful in the event of an overdose.

“A vet simply can’t do a proper job if the animal is able to move or if they could possibly chew on a tube.

The only way an animal will tolerate a breathing tube is if they’re unconscious,” she said.

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Sedatives have also been used to reduce fear that may develop during air travel.

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