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Man, I just wish Jennifer Aniston would go away for awhile. I don't work with her, but have known people who did and they describe her as a raging cunt.

She's one of those people who has a strict hierarchy of who she will and won't speak to, and it's a pretty small list of people who make the cut.

The filmmakers probably intend for Eloise to appear as a tortured soul, but the lack of insight into to her character leaves her seeming flippant and rude.

As for Burke, he’s just as tortured as she is, but his pain comes from the loss of his deceased wife, a tragedy that gives an interesting texture to his advice and book tour.

London, Feb 20 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston has reportedly found love once again.

Aniston is not the sweet Rachel from In her most outrageous comedic role, Aniston plays sex-crazed dentist Dr.According to sources, the couple hit it off immediately on the sets of their new movie, sparking rumours that their relationship is more than professional.“They’re getting along so great that everyone on the set is gossiping about something more going on between them,” The Sun quoted a source, as saying.“They’re just so in sync all the time.”The insider also revealed that Eckhart was the reason Aniston decided to make the movie in the first place.“Jen’s entire reason for doing this movie was Aaron,” the source said.“She’s wanted to work with him for years and was completely flattered that she was his first choice to be the leading lady in this movie.“It’s going to be a real change of pace for Jen, who has focused exclusively on making romantic comedies.“This is more of a quirky romantic drama with lots of intense scenes opposite Aaron.Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston sit down with Access' Billy Bush to chat about their great working relationship on the set of their new movie, "Love Happens." But did Jennifer rebuff Aaron's advances?The movie purposefully reveals only small insights into Eloise’s character, attempting to show that she’s the elusive type.The attempt to create a sense of indefinable mystery about Eloise fails – succeeding only in producing an underdeveloped, contradictory character.

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I noticed his effortless charm in the dark comedy, on the whole, falls short. Phil-esque self-help guru, Burke Ryan (Eckhart), on the Seattle leg of his seminar tour.

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